You have the option to publish your profile straight away, then once you have created your plan and are happy with it you can publish it to your profile page

Publish your profile

Showcase your commitment to sustainability and publish your profile to our Futuremakers page

Easy to use content management system, just add your info and image, then publish.

View and share your public profile.

Publish your plan

Once you are happy with your plan you can easily create and publish a report. In Document view you can edit your text and then generate a report. The report can be generated in different formats:

  • List Vs Linked view

    • List view: All information in list, Outcomes, followed by Actions then Indicators

    • Linked view: All the Actions and Indicators viewed against the Outcome that they are contributing to. This is governed by the links made in Mindmap view and where Actions or Indicators are linked to more than one Outcome they will appear more than once.

  • Framework lens. You can switch the report structure between the OPL Principles and the SGDs.

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